A full service digital marketing agency

Our team continuously innovate and develop effective online strategies for forward thinking companies. We have a proven track record in building and growing businesses.

We pursue relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity with our employees, customers and other business partners.

Why Choose Yourbackupemployee?

The true cost of hiring a full time employee (benefits, social security, medicare taxes, and unemployment tax on top of the base salary) sometimes does not make logical or business sense. Also, in today's business world terms such as restructuring, high employee turn-over, unexpected workload peaks and search for unique talent are constant challenges in many companies across different industries. This is where Yourbackemployee comes in, because we are the right partner/contract staff to combat any business challenges.

Our core team always strives to increase return on investment for its clients by accurately identifying customers unique qualities, strength, weaknesses plus challenges, and in turn provide services that has a right mix of solutions tailored to each individual client. Whether it is a small, big, short-term or long-term project, our experts can help you turn your investment into profit and increase your overall organization's value.

What makes us unique
  • Our depth of expertise. Over 10 years of combined experience
  • Negotiable contracts. Flexible rates (hourly, monthly, flat fee, co-investment), suitable for any business, function or needs
  • Timely completion of projects. Yourbackupemployee has a proven track record of finishing on time and on budget
  • Resourceful partner network. If we can't help, we'll find someone who can
  • Travel. Our consultants are flexible to travel anywhere in the world upon proper arrangements with employer
Our Core Values

  • Experience. We only provide services that we have skills and proven track record
  • Reliable. We believe great business relationships are always built on reliability
  • Affordable. We believe that greatest value in any business transaction is realized when all parties gain, our prices are a reflection of this belief
  • Commitment. When we say we are going to do something, we do it
  • Knowledge. We believe in continuous learning and knowledge transfer to others
  • Service Excellence. We commit in giving the best world class and achieving excellence each passing day


At Yourbackupemployee, our vision is to be globally recognized as the most reliable back up strategy for companies when in desperate situations. We are fulfilling this vision via hardworking, continuous learning, and commitment of our core team, whom are champions in their respective specialties. We also have unbeatable core values and strongly believe in honoring them as that is the key to our success and clients' satisfaction. We live and breathe on these values each day, as it provides a sense of direction and clarity for all our stakeholders and our company.


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O U R    M O T T O

The most respected internet marketing agency that change the way businesses speak, listen and share online.

Joachim Bulemela || Founder, Consultant, Business Operations & Strategic Partnerships

Our digital marketing work speaks for itself. We deliver a personal, passionate & tailored service to each and every one of our clients, big or small.


Joachim has gained extensive work experience within the online advertising industry as a Director of Ad Operations at Mediative | Yellow Pages Group Inc, Manager of Ad Operations at Corus Entertainment, Technical Specialist at QMI Sales (Canoe/Quebecor Media), Adops Specialist at Canwest (Postmedia), and Trafficker at Olive Media. Prior to online advertising, Joachim was a Business Consultant in SAP MM at IBM Canada.


As an ambitious and hard working professional, Joachim stays ahead of the ever-changing business world and entrepreneurial environment. Among other accomplishments, he is the owner and business developer of one of the modern and growing online directories within the travel industry - Tourismkit.com.



  • B.A (honors) degree in Information Systems with a focus in Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) - St. Francis Xavier University, Canada
  • MSc degree in Management of Technology - University of Waterloo, Canada.

Certifications & Passed Exams

  • Google Doubleclick Bid Manager (DBM) – Certification of Completion (2013)
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification – Certification (2013)
  • Google Advertising Fundamentals - Exam (2013)
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals - Certification of Completion (2015)
  • Google Ad Exchange Seller Fundamentals - Certification of Completion (2015)
  • Google Adwords - Partner Certification (2016)


Some remarkable events our digital marketing agency went through.


January, 2014

Agency founded by Joachim Bulemela, serial entrepreneur and ad operations guru .

April, 2014

After few months of hard work we published our one and only website Tourismkit.com that quickly has created a buzz in the online travel space!


October, 2014

By this time we had a customer base of more than 90, and 50+ repeat clients!



February, 2015

Started providing website monetization services for publishers via Google Publisher Ad Exchange


May, 2015 - Current

Continuous acquisition of new clients, offering of more services, innovations, & strategic partnerships