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Current consumer culture has some shortcomings:

  • Many products are made to only last a short amount of time before they break and we are forced to buy new products.
  • Too many products lack utility value. They are unnecessary and simply lie around unused.
  • People shop on price to a large extent as it is easy to measure. As other information such as life span of a product is less clear it is difficult to determine the true value of a product.
  • We believe globalisation in terms of information and knowledge sharing is a good thing and that diversity is incredibly important but currently the way materials and products move around the globe is incredibly wasteful.
  • Product guarantees are typically 1 year and beyond that consumers are pushed to insure their products against breakage. Manufacturers need to take responsibility for their product quality.

FlatsGo Furniture is setting out to do things differently:

  • All products sold on FlatsGo Furniture have a clear guarantee shown on the product page. Customers can therefore judge the true cost and value of a product.
  • All products are manufactured in the British Isles and sold in Britain (some raw materials may come from other countries) – this will help to strengthen local industries and craftspeople and at the same time mean that additional costs are not fed into our products to cover international transport and taxes.

We believe that we are not alone with these simple aims as we can see that many people are struggling with the same issues everyday.

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