Sixth Bloom

Sixth Bloom is a place for photographers who want to further their education and be inspired.

Launched in 2014 as a community for photographers, mom-tographers, amateur, hobbyist or business owner, Sixth Bloom is a fast growing community of photographers from around the world.

We believe we all have the ability to be creative and create beautiful images.  Others things we believe?

  • We believe it’s in everyone to see creatively and to create, hence we want to give you the resources to grow your creativity!
  • We believe you can take full control of your images by shooting in manual mode and we’re here to show you how easy that is!
  • We believe you can set goals and achieve those goals and we’re here to encourage you.  How?  Follow us on Facebook for daily conversations to keep you going!
  • We believe you can fulfill your dream to become a photographer and actually make a living doing so.  We’re here to guide you through that step by step.

So in a nut-shell, if you are someone with a dSLR camera who has a passion for photography and wants to learn more, then we’re here to help you along your journey!

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