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Nutshell is a CRM software that can help sales team be more productive
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Nutshell is a modern CRM with powerful sales tools, native Android & iPhone apps, insightful reporting and Google Apps integration

Nutshell Maps

View all of your contacts, accounts, and leads on an interactive map. Planning your next business trip has never been easier.

Nutshell Intelligence

Nutshell Intelligence automatically pulls in social profiles of your contacts so you know who you’re dealing with.

Sales process

The sales process is a set of milestones that contain steps to help guide you through the process of a sale. Your sales process should tell your reps what to do, and when to do it!

Easy contact importing

Import your contacts directly from your mobile device, or upload a CSV file (i.e. from Excel, Google Spreadsheet, or another CRM) to easily get your data into Nutshell. A clean UI with live preview makes this a smooth experience.

Commenting and @-mentioning

You can comment on the notes, emails, activities, and other exchanges your team has with customers and @-mention other users to pull them into the conversation.

Calendar sync

Schedule a meeting with a colleague and a customer, and it will instantly appear on both you and your colleague's Google Calendar.

Email ingestion

Import all your email to Nutshell. Contacts will be created for email addresses that aren't currently in Nutshell.

BCC your emails

When emailing a contact or account, just BCC the outgoing message to We'll connect the message directly to the contact, and to any open leads with them.

Task management

Stay on top of your todo list with integrated task management on every contact, account, and lead. View a personal user dashboard to see what needs to be done next.

Team quotas

Quotas are assigned separately for each team. Once you set a quota for a team, you can adjust each team member's individual goal toward that quota.

Lead confidence

Set a lead's confidence to more accurately view pipeline figures and sales projections.

Lead products and values

You can define a default price for every product, but your sales reps can also apply discounts or change the value of the product's price for each lead.

Real time notifications

Receive in-app, email and mobile push notifications. View a list of all events that are relevant to you, designed to alert you when important things happen.

Activity reports

Check out your team's progress in the Nutshell activity report. Activity reports allow you to see how much each member of your team is doing each week.

User and team restrictions

Configure Nutshell so that certain information is hidden from specific users or teams. Non-admin users can be given rights to view all data, their team's data, or only see their own.

Custom fields

Organize your data in ways that are more customized to your company. Generate lists of contacts, accounts, and leads based custom fields, or relevant tags.

Multiple markets

Use markets when you're dealing with multiple currencies, or even just pricing different territories. For every product, you can establish different default prices.

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