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All websites do have costs that are mostly caused by creation of content and making them available online. For this reason, publishers' main objective have always been to run websites profitably, as a result the concept of revenue and yield management was born.

The challenge of yield management is to balance selling ad inventory at the highest possible rate against minimizing the amount of unsold inventory. Yourbackupemployee Inc. has championed the art of maximizing every single impression! 

Yourbackupemployee experts have a long history helping online publishers make money from their websites. We have a number of products, strategies and tactics that work together to help online publishers of all sizes and types maximize their revenue.

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Why Use Yourbackupemployee Inc to Monetize Your Website?

Yourbackupemployee Inc. continuously focuses in monitoring prices, fill rate, buyers, sellers, click-rates, conversion rates, web traffic, campaign-mix and a frequency cap of advertisements shown. We also provide expert advise to each of our clients on the most effective banner formats, highest paying banners and proper locations for better performance.

Our monthly revenue reports will keep you updated about earnings from all advertisements on your website, as well as ensure on-time payment. We will keep an eye on your inventory and brand-safety for you, connecting you only to trusted and premium partners while making sure that your whole inventory is sold for the highest prices.

All our Yield Management practices are done in a completely transparent way. No surprises and always on a no increase, no pay basis.

We are neither of the following business types:

  • Ad Network
  • Agency
  • Ad Technology Company
  • Reseller

....We are a monetization partner to each one of our clients! You make money, we make money!

Ad Effectiveness Increase

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Every publisher is unique in number of ways, ranging from size, type of ad inventory to operations in general. Contact us today and we will provide you real and significant results.

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