Amazon Advertising & Product Listing

Set yourself for success on Amazon marketplace and avoid getting stranded with inventory. Get onboard with our Yourbackupemployee Inc. Amazon services today.

Amazon Sponsored Products Service - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Sponsored Products

Yourbackupemployee Inc. will boost sales to your products with Amazon keyword target advertising feature. Show up on search results pages visited by users with the highest intent only. Get results without blowing up your budget with high conversion rate, due to our carefully analyzed keyword set up to every campaign.

Amazon Sponsored Brands Service - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Sponsored Brands

We will customize your product list page to drive sales and increase your store’s brand awareness with keyword targeted ads above, below, and along search results. Setup multiple ASINs for advertising at once.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization Service - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Amazon Product Listing and Optimizations

Speed up your growth by boosting your inventory faster to get more sales & stay up to date.