Sell-Side Platforms & Advertising (Publishers)

Monetize your traffic efficiently to maximize the dollar value on every single impression. We have helped 250+ publishers in the past 10 years with numerous advertising technology platforms.

Ad Servers Service - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Ad Servers

Automate ad serving, monitor every impression, collect data, report to gain insight on performance of ads on your website(s).

Ad Exchanges / Real Time Bidding (RTB) Service - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Ad Exchanges / Real Time Bidding (RTBs)

Advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad middlemen are buying a lot of their digital media today via ad exchanges than ever before.

Let us put your website(s) on the right path to also sell your video, mobile, and / or display inventory efficiently on Ad Exchanges.

Ad Networks Management Services - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Ad Networks

Our consultancy has a proven track record in working with 100+ ad networks across publisher sites of different industries and sizes.

Supply Side Platforms Service - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs)

Increase your inventory exposure to buyers with SSPs as they are able connect to multiple ad exchanges, ad networks and DSPs.

Video Platform Implementation and Monetization - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Video Platforms

YouTube is not the only option to monetize your videos. Let us launch your videos in other platforms and give you total control on how you render your advertising.

Revenue and Yield Management Service - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Revenue & Yield Management

Leave the burden of monetizing your website to Yourbackupemployee Inc. We will deal with the whole technology landscape and all the players in the online advertising marketplace on your behalf.

Focus your energy and dollars in building your business and seat back, watch our we maximize your ROI month after month.