Revenue & Yield Management

Leave the burden of monetizing your website to Yourbackupemployee Inc. We will deal with the whole technology landscape and all the players in the online advertising marketplace on your behalf.

Focus your energy and dollars in building your business and seat back, watch our we maximize your ROI month after month.

Revenue Share Model (20/80 – Publisher receives 80% and Yourbackupemployee Inc. receive 20% on total revenue generated on a website(s)):


  • Your success our my success, the higher the revenue we generate the more revenue we both earn
  • Reduce your risk and cost. Revenue share model will allow you to pay less in situations such as when your site’s traffic drops, this would not be the case if you have hired a consulting company on agreed fixed price.
  • Revenue share model is not much different from strategic partnership, whereby in this case a publisher will be receiving all services under one roof.
    This service covers all aspects such as ad server implementation, inventory optimization, troubleshooting, billing and on-going management.
  • Rapid business growth as our focus will always be to continuously search for new ways to monetize your website(s).
    The growth will be stimulated with exploration of other channels outside the traditional display advertising but not limited to videos, affiliate, podcasts e.t.c
  • Yourbackupemployee Inc. has a large network of contacts and relationships with different players in the online advertising marketplace. This network will be at a disposal as soon as you embark on a revenue share journey with us.
  • Long lasting business relationships since most businesses prefer to stick with a specific service provider if objectives are continuously being met.

Try our revenue share monetization service FREE of charge for one month, and you make a decision - no strings attached!

We guarantee a minimum 50% - 300% increase on your existing revenue today within that first month.

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