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Providing consulting services on the entire online advertising technology landscape suitable for all players in the digital marketplace.

Supply Side Platforms Service - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Sell-Side (Publishers)

Monetize your traffic efficiently to maximise the dollar value on every single impression.
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Demand Side Services - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Demand-side (Advertisers)

Add a new advertising layer on top of your traditional search strategy (PPC platforms).
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Search Engine Marketing Service - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Boost your visibility on search engines & reach your target audience.
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Amazon Advertising Service - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Amazon Advertising & Product Listing

Set yourself for success on Amazon marketplace and avoid getting stranded with inventory.
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Tracking and Conversion Optimization Service - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Tracking & Conversion Optimization

Build pages that sell and capture the needed audience insights to reach your marketing goals.
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Web Design Service - Yourbackupemployee Inc.

Web Design, Development & Support

Supersonic fast, responsive & search optimized sites. Maximize your return on investment today.
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Yourbackupemployee Inc: Who We Are

At Yourbackupemployee Inc., our vision is to be globally recognized as the most reliable and the best backup strategy for all types of online businesses within the adtech ecosystem.

Everyone is guessing and just getting by:

Online publishers don’t know how to efficiently monetize their content, digital marketing agencies struggle with acquiring and retaining clients, advertisers faces hard times to search for quality audience that converts, tech companies constantly have to juggle issues around data governance, security, privacy and government regulations around the world. In summary, no single entity has the know how of the whole adtech ecosystem.

This is why Yourbackupemployee Inc. was started, to be a one stop digital consultancy for all digital players. Whether, you are thinking of building a website, doing search engine optimization, content publishing, social media, online advertising, pay per click, eCommerce, integrations with other digital platforms, tracking, optimizations, billing, reporting, developing or growing a digital platform, to building your online marketing strategy….we can help.

We are fulfilling our long term vision via hardworking, continuous learning of the online advertising marketplace, and commitment of our core team, who are champions in their respective specialties.

Today we provide the highest standard of adtech consulting services in the industry. We want to continue making these services available to as many digital entities as possible (not just large corporates).

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We believe in continuous learning and knowledge transfer to others.



We believe great business relationships are always built on reliability.



When we say we are going to do something, we do it.



We commit in giving the best world class and achieving excellence each passing day.

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Initial consultations take about 30 minutes only. Our goal is simply to provide you with the information you need to make an informed business decision.

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Highly Qualified Team

Joachim Bulemela - Founder, Consultant, Business Operations & Strategic Partnerships

Joachim Bulemela

Founder, Consultant, Business Operations & Strategic Partnerships

As an ambitious and hard working professional, Joachim stays ahead of the ever-changing business world and entrepreneurial environment. This comes with the knowledge that transcends between hardcore technical implementations to front end understanding of the whole adtech ecosystem, a rare trait in the online advertising industry today. More details

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