Online Business Support

Set yourself for success on Amazon marketplace and avoid getting stranded with inventory. Get onboard with our Yourbackupemployee Inc. Amazon services today.

Online Business Coaching
Customized and Personalized Business Coaching at All Phases of Any Type of Online Business, Suitable to Individuals and Entities of All Sizes

What to Expect from our coaching sessions:

We will take a deep dive first in knowing about you as and individual, your business overall including challenges, then find you a micro niche to target or help you against rivals. This will be followed with a formulation of a business model design built specifically to meet your intended business objectives and KPIs. In the end we will transfer detailed knowledge of all the online tools that will be needed to make your new strategy executable.

Monetization Program: 50% – 300% Increase of Your Existing Revenue at Zero Operational Cost on Your Side, Within 2 Months Only

Whether it is a website, app, product or just a service, Yourbackupemployee Inc. can monetize the traffic coming to it and turn into real revenue. The type of industry you are in does not matter. Our monetization strategies always pinpoint and draw in the most lucrative and pertinent revenue sources. We also build add on features on top of your existing online business to create new channels of revenue that were not explored prior or fully exhausted. Our monetization specialists work hard to make sure you are utilizing the latest technological options and making the highest revenue possible. 

We Bring Value to a Business, Improve Communications, Remove Silos in Processes, Use Resources Efficiently and Trigger Data Driven Decision Making

Leave all the digital marketing project management pain points to Yourbackupemployee Inc. Our team will ensure your project goals are met, scope is clearly defined and preserved, identify major milestones and deliverables, determine a realistic timeline, allocate and track budget, setup an efficient and meaningful work breakdown structure , create a human resource plan and keep all lines of communications open, set a risk management plan, ensure quality standards for all deliverables and project overall.

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